I love babies.  I especially love babies that belong to good friends.  These two couldn’t have adapted into the parent role any more naturally.  They are both so relaxed and just happy to have this little miracle to hang out with.  And seriously – could this baby be any more perfect?!  He’s just amazing.

And I also love the way this home is decorated –  example – coolest book ends ever.

And I was so excited to see this quilt out! (I may have made it…)  LOVE the tree.

Dad is a member of the band The Vega Star (if you haven’t already you should definitely check them out), so there was plenty of great equipment to get Oscar started with, never to young to start these little ones on some good music.


A smiling baby on fur on a guitar amp?  Yes please.

Thanks for having me guys :)  It was an honor to capture your perfect little addition!


  1. Karmin says:

    love them!!! like the one on the amp and the smile the best!!!

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