If I shared every favorite photo, this would officially be the longest blog post ever.  I always have such a fun time with this crew, a highlight of my photo year :)

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Abigail | Class of 2018

September 27th, 2017

sm Abigail_0421 sm Abigail_0492 bw sm Abigail_0518 sm Abigail_0437 sm Abigail_0458 bw sm Abigail_0614 sm Abigail_0635 sm Abigail_0476 sm Abigail_0448 sm Abigail_0516 bw sm Abigail_0599 sm Abigail_0612 bw sm Abigail_0467 sm Abigail_0617 sm Abigail_0483 sm Abigail_0515 sm Abigail_0590

Such a special wedding.  Every detail was so thoughtful.  She carried the traditional ivy from her Grandmother’s bouquet, an actual live plant that has been cultivated and cared for by the family for these many years.  His mom made the beautiful head piece.  The bride made their rings and stitched the ring pillow with a technique taught to her by her grandmother.  And for me, special because now I’ve photographed all the daughters in the family :)

sm K + S_6910 sm K + S_6299 sm K + S_6278 sm K + S_6288 sm K + S_6295 sm K + S_6316 sm K + S_6337 sm K + S_6343 bw sm K + S_6350 sm K + S_6359 sm K + S_6369 sm K + S_6371 sm K + S_7227 sm K + S_6374 sm K + S_6378 sm K + S_6381 sm K + S_6402 sm K + S_6415 sm K + S_6422 sm K + S_6433 bw sm K + S_6460 sm K + S_6449 sm K + S_6461 sm K + S_6559 bw sm K + S_6477 sm K + S_6484 sm K + S_6576 sm K + S_6487 sm K + S_6583 sm K + S_6490 bw sm K + S_6587 sm K + S_6492 sm K + S_6506 sm K + S_6516 sm K + S_6594 sm K + S_6596 sm K + S_6641 sm K + S_6647 bw sm K + S_6648 sm K + S_6677 sm K + S_6702 sm K + S_6723 sm K + S_6738 sm K + S_6780 sm K + S_6801 sm K + S_6791 sm K + S_6864 sm K + S_6874 sm K + S_6871 bw sm K + S_6881 sm K + S_6885 sm K + S_6887 sm K + S_7540 sm K + S_6892 sm K + S_7549 sm K + S_6897 sm K + S_7551 bw sm K + S_6919 sm K + S_6921 bw sm K + S_6925 sm K + S_7573 sm K + S_7584 sm K + S_7557 sm K + S_7554 bw sm K + S_6932 sm K + S_7410 bw sm K + S_7409 bw sm K + S_6853 sm K + S_6855 sm K + S_6858 sm K + S_6959 sm K + S_6976 sm K + S_6971 sm K + S_6974 sm K + S_6967 sm K + S_6968 sm K + S_6961 sm K + S_6993 bw sm K + S_7014 sm K + S_7038 sm K + S_7049 bw sm K + S_7052 bw sm K + S_7056 sm K + S_7070 sm K + S_7088 bw sm K + S_7102 bw sm K + S_7120 sm K + S_7130 bw sm K + S_7135 sm K + S_7139 sm K + S_7145 sm K + S_7621 sm K + S_7629 bw sm K + S_7648 bw sm K + S_7174 sm K + S_7168 bw sm K + S_7690

When our camping neighbors came back from a winery saying, “it’s so beautiful, you should take someone’s pictures there…” I figured they should be the first ones.  Lovely backdrop and lovely family :) so lucky to call them our neighbors!

sm Marinello_9732 sm Marinello_9712 sm Marinello_9709 sm Marinello_9785 bw sm Marinello_9789 sm Marinello_9757 sm Marinello_9799 sm Marinello_9740 sm Marinello_9782 sm Marinello_9730 bw sm Marinello_9822 sm Marinello_9810 sm Marinello_9703 sm Marinello_9813 sm Marinello_9913 sm Marinello_9919 sm Marinello_9892 sm Marinello_9900

sm Heyrman_8923 sm Heyrman_8931 sm Heyrman_9074 sm Heyrman_8921 sm Heyrman_9504 bwsm Heyrman_8994 sm Heyrman_9047 sm Heyrman_8939 sm Heyrman_8953 bw sm Heyrman_8960 sm Heyrman_9026 bw sm Heyrman_9043 sm Heyrman_8943 sm Heyrman_8990 sm Heyrman_9048 sm Heyrman_9017 sm Heyrman_8936 sm Heyrman_9109 sm Heyrman_9117 sm Heyrman_9122 bw sm Heyrman_9128 sm Heyrman_9524 bw sm Heyrman_9530sm Heyrman_9138 sm Heyrman_9178 bw sm Heyrman_9175 sm Heyrman_9536 sm Heyrman_9545sm Heyrman_9190 bw sm Heyrman_9192 bw sm Heyrman_9546 sm Heyrman_9564sm Heyrman_9204 sm Heyrman_9208 sm Heyrman_9222 bw sm Heyrman_9240 sm Heyrman_9248 bw sm Heyrman_9255 sm Heyrman_9268 sm Heyrman_9277 sm Heyrman_9279 bw sm Heyrman_9284 bw sm Heyrman_9299 sm Heyrman_9304 sm Heyrman_9307 sm Heyrman_9319 sm Heyrman_9325 sm Heyrman_9329 sm Heyrman_9340 bw sm Heyrman_9346 bw sm Heyrman_9347 bw sm Heyrman_9356 bw sm Heyrman_9367 bw sm Heyrman_9372 sm Heyrman_9387 sm Heyrman_9399 bw sm Heyrman_9428 sm Heyrman_9431 bw sm Heyrman_9448 sm Heyrman_9449 sm Heyrman_9460 sm Heyrman_9464 bw sm Heyrman_9466 sm Heyrman_9477

I’ve had the honor of capturing this little lady for the last few years.  She’s spunky, beautiful, and so full of life!  I was thrilled when her mom suggested doing a Mommy & Me theme this year.  Capturing these two and their bond was a pleasure and an honor :)

sm Henley & Mom_8851 sm Henley & Mom_8654 sm Henley & Mom_8673 sm Henley & Mom_8652 sm Henley & Mom_8853 sm Henley & Mom_8692 sm Henley & Mom_8695 sm Henley & Mom_8741 sm Henley & Mom_8732 sm Henley & Mom_8750 sm Henley & Mom_8775 sm Henley & Mom_8766 sm Henley & Mom_8772 sm Henley & Mom_8787 sm Henley & Mom_8866 sm Henley & Mom_8791 sm Henley & Mom_8889 sm Henley & Mom_8869 sm Henley & Mom_8875 sm Henley & Mom_8896 sm Henley & Mom_8918 sm Henley & Mom_8909 sm Henley & Mom_8908 bw sm Henley & Mom_8910

Bonnie | Class of 2018

August 28th, 2017

This one is a bit special because she is my niece!  (I will spare her any embarrassing stories, as I’m still competing for best aunt ever 😉 )  Just so lucky to get to capture her infectious smile.  So excited to see all the great things she will do as she’s off to Marquette to play soccer and study physical therapy, who knows where we might end up seeing her play in the future!

sm Bonnie_4305 sm Bonnie_4369 sm Bonnie_4226 sm Bonnie_4168 sm Bonnie_4319 sm Bonnie_4076 sm Bonnie_4367 sm Bonnie_4011 bw sm Bonnie_4131 sm Bonnie_4058 sm Bonnie_4378 sm Bonnie_3998 sm Bonnie_4304 bw sm Bonnie_4092 sm Bonnie_4356 sm Bonnie_4129 bw sm Bonnie_4387 bw sm Bonnie_4273 sm Bonnie_4328 sm Bonnie_4049 sm Bonnie_4593 sm Bonnie_4436 sm Bonnie_4518 sm Bonnie_4451 sm Bonnie_4540

So – the weather did not cooperate with us.  At. All.  But it was the only time that worked, so we went ahead.  These kiddos were so fantastic and we definitely made the best of it :)

sm Lodl_6090 sm Lodl_6085 sm Lodl_6211 sm Lodl_6111 bw sm Lodl_6118 sm Lodl_6189 sm Lodl_6119 sm Lodl_6226 sm Lodl_6232 sm Lodl_6134 bw sm Lodl_6181 sm Lodl_6113 sm Lodl_6098 sm Lodl_6167 bw sm Lodl_6231 sm Lodl_6162 sm Lodl_6082