If I shared every favorite photo, this would officially be the longest blog post ever.  I always have such a fun time with this crew, a highlight of my photo year :)

sm DSC_5262_3117 sm Wilde_0207 sm Wilde_0153 sm Wilde_0144sm DSC_5601_3457 sm Wilde_0133 bwsm Wilde_0222 sm DSC_5464_3319 sm DSC_5379_3234 sm DSC_5327_3182 sm DSC_5337_3192 sm DSC_5291_3146 sm DSC_5297_3152 sm DSC_5282_3137 sm DSC_5354_3209 bw sm DSC_5352_3207 bw sm DSC_5344_3199 bw sm Wilde_0247 sm Wilde_0244 sm DSC_5514_3369 sm DSC_5537_3392 sm DSC_5508_3363 sm DSC_5269_3125

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