When our camping neighbors came back from a winery saying, “it’s so beautiful, you should take someone’s pictures there…” I figured they should be the first ones.  Lovely backdrop and lovely family :) so lucky to call them our neighbors!

sm Marinello_9732 sm Marinello_9712 sm Marinello_9709 sm Marinello_9785 bw sm Marinello_9789 sm Marinello_9757 sm Marinello_9799 sm Marinello_9740 sm Marinello_9782 sm Marinello_9730 bw sm Marinello_9822 sm Marinello_9810 sm Marinello_9703 sm Marinello_9813 sm Marinello_9913 sm Marinello_9919 sm Marinello_9892 sm Marinello_9900

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