Kate + Sam | Engaged

January 7th, 2017

I have never met someone so excited about having her feet in the snow.  The connection between these two was so comfortable and easy to photograph :) sm-k-s_9585sm-k-s_9549 sm-k-s_9545 sm-k-s_9536 sm-k-s_9373-bw sm-k-s_9388

Added in a little hot chocolate picnic!  And how amazing are the rings, homemade by Kate!

sm-k-s_9660 sm-k-s_9575 sm-k-s_9584 sm-k-s_9580sm-k-s_9570 sm-k-s_9571 sm-k-s_9556-bw sm-k-s_9364 sm-k-s_9372 sm-k-s_9602 sm-k-s_9656 sm-k-s_9482 sm-k-s_9406 sm-k-s_9427 sm-k-s_9461 sm-k-s_9673 sm-k-s_9493

At the end their families joined us for a few photos as well, couldn’t think of a better way to end the session :)sm-k-s_9509 sm-k-s_9529 sm-k-s_9737


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