I had so much fun with this family – smiles from start to finish (and cheese and grapes for a snack at the end!).  They have such love and caring for one another, it was an honor to help them capture a small piece of that.  :)

sm Seiple_1020 sm Seiple_1472 sm Seiple_1005 sm Seiple_1322 sm Seiple_1037 sm Seiple_1015 sm Seiple_1209 sm Seiple_1377 sm Seiple_1312 sm Seiple_1363 sm Seiple_1074 sm Seiple_1089 sm Seiple_1434 sm Seiple_1521 sm Seiple_1035 sm Seiple_1293 sm Seiple_1029 sm Seiple_1218 sm Seiple_1204 sm Seiple_1350 sm Seiple_1282 sm Seiple_1177 sm Seiple_1387 sm Seiple_1386 sm Seiple_1396 sm Seiple_1421 bw

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