August 12th, 2015

As I pulled up to this photo shoot, I just got a text from my husband, “The dog got out.”  Luckily the photos went better than that situation (and the dog came home without running into any moving vehicles thankfully!).  This is the second time I have gotten to photograph sweet Vaughn and his family.  He’s such a happy little guy, even when it’s 90 :)

sm Vaughn_5338 bw sm Vaughn_5399 sm Vaughn_5613 bw sm Vaughn_5546 bw sm Vaughn_5429 sm Vaughn_5624 bw sm Vaughn_5521 bw sm Vaughn_5353 sm Vaughn_5645 bw sm Vaughn_5389 sm Vaughn_5336 bw sm Vaughn_5580 bw sm Vaughn_5419 bw

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