This has been the summer of extended family shoots (I think I mentioned that already)  but I feel especially lucky when I can use photography to capture some great moments for good friends.  Also, if I could bottle whatever it is that got all of these adorable little ones to look at me and smile at the same time, I’d be a millionaire.  (If you are thinking about hiring me, you should start playing the, “I’m gonna get you game…” with your little people.  It worked magic with this bunch and I’m sure it helped the adults as I know I probably looked funny running back and forth saying that…)

sm Family 7.20.14_5354 sm Family 7.20.14_5394 sm Family 7.20.14_5437 sm Family 7.20.14_5323 sm Family 7.20.14_5507 sm Family 7.20.14_5334 sm Family 07.20.14_5140 sm Family 07.20.14_5144 sm Family 7.20.14_5510 sm Family 7.20.14_5478 sm Family 07.20.14_5241 sm Family 07.20.14_5212 sm Family 07.20.14_5199 sm Family 07.20.14_5085 sm Family 07.20.14_5191 sm Family 07.20.14_5089 sm Family 07.20.14_5081 sm Family 07.20.14_5074 sm Family 7.20.14_5280

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