I’ve been lucky enough to take photos of Tyler his whole life (and soon will get to welcome a sibling!!), but this shoot I also got to meet his friend Caleb and what a sweet guy he is.  Both of them are both so curious, serious, intense, and then suddenly joyful.  They melt my heart :) and I could stay and play with these two all day.

Meet Caleb:

sm DSC_5601 bw sm DSC_5590 bw sm DSC_5595 bw sm DSC_5594 bw

And with his beautiful mom sm DSC_0474 bw sm DSC_0365 bw

Tyler was very serious, but capturing who they are is just as important as a smiley face. sm DSC_0403 bw sm DSC_0406 bw bw sm DSC_0435 bw sm DSC_0444 bw bwsm DSC_0493 bw sm DSC_0505 bw

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